Russ is for the people. The Soundcloud king has been enjoying the spoils of a successful come-up. For some context, his debut album There's Really A Wolf has yielded him an abundance of plaques, both platinum and gold. With a North American tour on the horizon, it's safe to say that the man is doing something right. Clearly, there are many who value his wisdom, and Russ has consistently been one of the game's outspoken young voices.

Some don't always appreciate his honest takes; his renunciation of Xanax and those who use it, for example, ruffled more than a few drug-addled feathers. Now, Russ has once again taken to Twitter for a rant of sorts. This time, the rapper has set his sights on both the education and banking systems alike. Lamenting the fact that many college graduates are essentially trapped in a quagmire of debt for an indefinite period, he points out an inherent flaw in the so-called "American Dream." 

Clearly, Russ is on the outside looking in, but that does not make his perception any less shrewd. Many of his fans weighed in on the discourse with "preaches" and "thank yous" and the like. One wonders if a Nicki Minaj esque tuition spree is in Russ' foreseeable future. Only time will tell. In the mean time, be sure to keep your nose to the grindstone. Those essays are not going to write themselves.