There's Really A Wolf, Russ' debut album isn't scheduled to drop until early next month. Still, the smooth emcee has already sent out emotional messages to his fans. In his latest note, the prolific rapper explained his creative process.

"I put out 11 projects and and over 20 videos before I ever even got a Soundcloud," he wrote. "None of them yielded the results I wanted. However, whether it was a song, a project, or a video, I always thought that that was the one that was gonna blow up. Always. None of them did. Once again though, unremovable stain of self-belief."

Still, the ATL spitter never gave up. Quite the opposite, he explains that he became even more persistent. That's when he started dropping a song a week.

"I said to myself, 'ok, I'm gonna drop a song a week until  I blow up, and then I'll drop this album and it will be my debut.'" he added. "The song a week formula was a means to an end. I was just trying to find a platform to keep dropping albums like I was in the past. That album obviously changed throughout the almost three years where I was dropping a song week. Nevertheless, here we are."

Check out Russ' post below.