Earlier this week, 2 Chainz hit Instagram to publicly blast Governor's Ball over his low placement on the festival poster. The rapper sat on the ninth line of the festival billing, below a slew of artists who aren't as popular or as prominent as he is. Some people felt like he was making a big deal out of nothing but his overall beef seems understandable considering his legendary status. Russ, who's also performing at the festival and sits two lines above 2 Chainz on the flyer, chimed in on the whole thing.

Russ was recently approached by TMZ at LAX where he was asked about the whole incident. Russ has been pretty open about industry politics throughout his career so it should come as no surprise that he believes 2 Chainz placement was due to politics. However, Russ does believe that 2 Chainz deserves a higher spot on the bill.

"I mean, 2 Chainz is a legend, you know what I'm saying? He should get the credit, you feel me?" he told them, "It's a weird thing with the festivals, bro. It's politics. I don't know how much weight people should put on this."

However, Russ does admit that he would've felt some type of way if they put him at the bottom of the festival bill as well. Either way, it seems like 2 Chainz beef with the festival flyer is reasonable enough. Whether they'll re-make the flyer for 2 Chainz seems unlikely. However, Russ did mention that his placement on the flyer doesn't dictate his performance slot.

Watch the clip below: