Russ gets a bad wrap from a few obscure reasons ranging from corniness to culture vulturism. The artist came through with a piece of news that might be well-received by his haters.

When Russ was asked about his 10-year plan during an interview, the rapper was eager to respond. He cut off the radio host slightly to dish about his 2-year plan, instead of describing a decade-long venture.

The rapper uses a reference from the Entourage television series to paint a particular image. Russ recalls the episode in which Vinny's crew had trouble finding him since the heavily bearded runaway had escaped to a remote island. Russ says that this situation is essentially what he is aiming for.

"You're not gonna be able to find me and there's gonna be one iconic TMZ photo. And it's gonna be a drone shot of me laying in the sand in some remote island that I bought for a casual 2 million and like 30 Hispanic women around me."

Russ may very well be on his way toward an early retirement. The Zoo artist hit the last editions of the Forbes' List that ranks all of Hip Hop's top earners worldwide. He tied with producer Swizz Beats with a cool $15 million of income.