The self proclaimed "Soundcloud" King Russ has been killing the game, proving himself to be the definition of a self-made man. The strength of his debut album There's Really A Wolf has propelled him into stardom, racking up streams and performing a consistent slew of sold out shows across the United States. Now, Russ has taken to The Late Late Show With James Corden to perform his single "Me You." And no, this performance did not take place in a moving car.

In fact, the whole visual aura of the performance was awesome. Russ hits the stage bathed in dark red light,  shrouded in shadow and encircled by massive white panels. It's sort of an eerie look for what comes off as an up-beat, braggadocious track, but it works. Russ, locks a-flowing, spits bars while sort of looking like he's trapped in a padded room. Not sure if that was the intended vibe, but it does give the whole thing an interesting sense of urgency.

Whether or not you've bought into the Russ hype is one thing, but you cannot deny that the dude has talent. He calls himself the industry's "best kept secret" in this track, but it seems as if the secret is getting out. With a James Corden performance in the bag, it looks like Russ will be on to the next one.