Russ opened up about his family in one of his latest interviews. His dedication and work ethic made him financially successful at a young age. The 25-year-old even made the Forbes' list ranking the highest-earning Hip Hop acts worldwide. According to the rapper, the early success also came with its own set of problems.

Becoming rich while still living at home was difficult. As financial situations within the household changed and collided, issues arose.

"Shit happens where your mom is an amazing woman and she's raising everyone. And your dad is raising everyone too, but your dad's at work doing his thing. And, you know, forever reasons, he's unemployed. And your mom's not working[...] So now it's a situation where me and my TuneCore are supporting the family. It's a bizarre dynamic."

"It fucks with sh*t. It fucks with pride. Cause no father wants their son to have to have that pressure of supporting and no father wants to ask their son for anything. So I always understood that [...] I was never trying to rub it in his face or whatever."

Despite the familial issues and his becoming a multimillionaire, he decided to stay with his family out of a sense of duty. He remained under his parents' roof until the age of 24. 

"I need to stick around to make sure that [...] these everyday arguments are mediated."