It's no secret that people love to hate on Russ. Whether or not the animosity is genuine, or merely a misguided attempt at fitting into the status quo, the Zoo rapper has spent his career contending with near endless ridicule; it got so bad that some even wished he would have died in Mac Miller's place. Yet while the anti-Russ narrative continues to reach disturbing heights, his fans have once again rallied behind his cause. The projected numbers are in, and Zoo has officially solidified the rapper as a viable commercial presence. 

Though he won't be able to dethrone Eminem from his repeat #1 spot, Russ' latest effort looks positioned to push between seventy and eighty thousand first week units. Not entirely elite, but certainly above average, continuing his relatively low-key status. Such is the power of his loyal fanbase, who previously pushed debut There's Really A Wolf to platinum heights. It's hard to say whether Zoo will be a repeat effort, but it's a testament to Russ' longevity in the game.

Love him, hate him, or simply love to hate him, Russ ain't leaving the game anytime soon. Did you play a part in Zoo's impressive numbers? Sound off below.