Usually, people complain about Mondays as if its the worst day of the week. However, Russ doesn't let any day dictate his moves, because he showed up and showed out in Atlanta on Monday evening. The rapper has been busy cranking out new music over the last two weeks, sharing three new singles with fans as they await more news about a forthcoming album. Yet, that doesn't mean that Russ doesn't carve out time for himself, which is exactly what he did at Club Crucial.

The 26-year-old surprised clubgoers not only by making an appearance but by allegedly tossing $40K onto the crowd. DJ Akademiks shared a video clip of the moment money began showering upon patrons, and Russ commented, "Made that song otw to crucial..yall can’t go there 🤣🤣🤣 2727!!!!" He later added, "When everyone and everything else taken care of you can celebrate cuz you don’t operate out of a place of scarcity aka 'but if you give 40k to _____ then what about ____ ?!?? 😩😩😩?!?' 🤣🤣🤣 scarcity mindset that’s gonna keep you in the barrel. Believe it or not you can give back and take care of everyone around you and still have 40k to have fun with your hard earned money. If you can’t relate, don’t comment. Just pray 🤣🤣🤣"

Over on their page, Club Crucial uploaded a clip of their own showing Russ turning up with the crew. Check out Russ kicking back with his "money ain't a thang" moment below.