For many rappers, financial stability (and beyond) is one of the main goals of a successful career. After all, hip-hop has occasionally felt like a genre of opulence, where diamonds, luxury cars, and massive mansions are some of the most sought-after purchases. There is clearly plenty of cash to be made in the rap game, and Russ knows that better than most.


Scott Dudelson/Getty Images

A vocal advocate for the benefits of musical independence, Russ has frequently shared proof that business has been booming, to the point where he's almost singlehandedly made a case to avoid record labels altogether. And while some may remain skeptical of his unconventional road to success, the results speak for themselves. Yesterday, Russ took to Instagram to showcase his latest flex, and a wholesome one at that.

"I JUST PUT MY MOMMA IN A BENTLEY," he writes, alongside an image of his momma standing proudly beside said Bentley. It's a nice moment to be sure, and one that many rappers have aimed to achieve in their own lives. Let's be honest, who doesn't love the clips of rappers paying it forward to their family members, the ones who stood by them long before they found success? Check it out for yourself below, and show some love to Russ for holding it down for his mother.