We've already seen Russ post up alongside Eminem and Royce Da 5'9", proving that the minds behind Bad Meets Evil stand firmly behind his movement. Despite the haters, hip-hop's most divisive figure continues to earn respect from the game's biggest icons. Now, it would appear that Russ has linked up with another one of his idols, 50 Cent. For the sake of posterity, Russ has documented the encounter for all to see.

"50 and Em are why I started rapping. The 7 year old me is fucking ecstatic with my life," writes Russ. "I’m so blessed. I fanned the fuck out." One has to wonder how many times 50 Cent has heard "Get Rich is a classic," or some variation. To be fair, it does feel like one of hip-hop's quintessential records, seemingly aging like fine wine. It's no wonder that a generation has come to accept it as a keystone chapter of the canon. Evidently, Russ knows what's up on that front.

Despite being frequently served heaps of negative energy, Russ continues to live his best life; for those seeking more from the rapper, peep him laying bars on Funk Flex here. For those looking to throw shade, consider Russ' words wisely. "He made get rich or die tryin. No slander allowed. Period."