Russ consistently gets clowned by haters who say that he's a walking L. Regardless of his undeniable talent and intense work ethic, the rapper keeps getting flack, no matter what he does. The hate crossed another line when Mac Miller died as some parts of social media claimed that Russ should have passed away instead. Today, Forbes' puts him on the map as a winner within the Hip Hop industry.

The "Kill Em All" rapper ranked on their list of highest paid Hip Hop acts worldwide. Russ tied with Swizz Beatz for the 20th spot with earnings of $15 million.

The Colombia Records artist shared his victory on Twitter, quoting some of his owns lyrics. Its as if he spoke this achievement into his life through his music. He also takes some time to take a shot at other rappers by asking his fans to tag those of a specific brand who, in irony, haven't made the list. Homie does have a point.

"'I ain’t make the deans list but I bet make the Forbes list' 2015 lyrics manifested. Thank you to the fans. Made the Cash Kings list. Tag a rapper who shows cash and jewelry all the time but didn’t make the list."