Russ has developed a reputation for telling it like it is, or rather, how he sees it. His delivery is often refreshingly blunt, a testament to his authenticity. True, his frank nature has ruffled feathers over the years, but Russ has always made sure to counterbalance his harsher takes with a level head -- often seen during his analysis of the music industry. Today, however, Russ took a moment to address some of the recent antics that have been transpiring amidst the election-related pandemonium, namely the birth of newfangled MAGA soldier "Lil Pimp."

Russ Lil Pump

Michael Tullberg/Getty Images

It's no secret that Russ has no love lost for the likes of Lil Pump and Smokepurpp, both of whom enjoyed vocal stints on the "Fuck Russ" bandwagon a few years back. Though said bandwagon was swiftly derailed by Russ' bloodthirsty goon squad (who caught Smokepurpp lacking backstage), lingering animosity remained on both sides.

Yesterday afternoon, Russ dug up an old tweet from Lil Pump, which reads "ME & J COLE COOL NOW SO NOW ITS FUCK RUSS." Given everything that has transpired in their respective careers since Pump's statement was made, Russ felt compelled to have a laugh at the sad reality of the situation. To be fair, he doesn't appear to blame Pump, or Pimp, for anything. Instead, he opts to cast his judgemental glare on society at large.

"I’ll never forgive y’all for makin lil pimp actually be a thing," writes Russ, proving that he who laughs last indeed laughs best. 6LACK chimed in with his agreement, deeming the Pump career arc to be "so ugly to watch." "Extremely," replies Russ. Clearly, he's not alone in his assessment. Upon witnessing Lil Pump take the stage at a Donald Trump rally, many fans were quick to circle back to J. Cole's "1985," validating the Dreamville rapper's prophetic take on the Gucci Gang rapper's future. Lo and behold, maybe Cole was on to something -- still, do you feel Russ is correct in casting the blame on society?