2018 has been kind to Russ. The multitalented artist has been steadily rising in popularity, to the point where his nationwide tour is hitting stadiums and arenas. Should you be interested in catching Russ during his upcoming I See You tour, be sure to hit up the official list of dates right here. If that weren't enough, Russ recently linked up with Joey Bada$$ and IDK for "Lil Arrogant", and has been teasing new music for a minute now. It's a good time to be a Russ fan, provided you aren't the type to lose interest once an artist gets too popular.

Today, Russ showed off a brand new plaque for "Ride Slow," which marks the sixth song from There's Really A Wolf to go either gold or platinum. Aside from the album itself, which went gold in August 2017, "Me You", "Pull The Trigger", and "Do It Myself" have also earned gold status. "Losin Control" and "What They Want" have gone one step further, earning the young rapper two platinum plaques for his collection. The milestones continue to come in abundance, and it seems as if There's Really A Wolf continues to engage new audiences with every passing month.

Check out Russ' latest stunt, which also happens to feature a strategically placed sports car on deck. As if it weren't apparent enough that the victories are numerous. In all seriousness, props to Russ for continuing to evolve; it's certainly been a minute since the "king of Soundcloud" days.