Neither Diddy nor Drake seem like the physical-confrontation-type, but according to a few reports circulating the web this morning, things got physical between the two rappers last night in Miami, at club LIV.

There are a few notable people on twitter claiming to have seen, or at least confirm, that Diddy slapped Drake, among them DJ Sam Sneak and Charlamange Tha God. MTV is also reporting on the incident. The details as to why the two would be fighting are unclear, but Sam Sneak says on twitter, "It definitely wasn't bout Cassie," and also claimed that Drizzy had to go to the hospital following the fight. "He dislocated his Shoulder," Sam Sneak said. The alleged incident went down while the two were attending DJ Khaled's birthday party.

Charlamagne Tha God just confirmed that "it happened," without offering further information. See the series of tweets we have about what went down below, and stay tuned for updates (video footage?).

[Update: New Details Surface]

Some of you in the comment section have been waiting on the TMZ update on this, and now you have it. Does this mean it's real? TMZ reports that the incident took place outside of Club LIV. Apparently the two were having a discussion about business, when Diddy said to Drake (according to a witness who overheard the conversation), "You will never disrespect me," before proceeding to hit him. Apparently it was just the one punch, and while Drake was surprised, he was not knocked out.