With Young Thug's Slime Language set to drop in the imminent future, it seems inevitable that false artwork would begin to surface. Though it has yet to be officially confirmed, one particular variation of the Slime Language cover art seems a likely contender for legitimacy. It originally surfaced on both KanyeToThe forum and Reddit's /r/hiphopheads, both of which seemed convinced of its authenticity. Though no fellow publications seem to have vouched, the collective minds of hiphopheads have led to interesting discoveries in the past; it stands to reason that their lead stemmed from somewhere at least somewhat legitimate, though no discernible evidence trail can be currently tracked.

In truth, it feels like one of those things that's real on an instinctual level. Not only does the aesthetic feel like a cousin of Future and Thugger's previous Slime Season cover, but it also happens to feature two distinctively Thuggish traits. For one, the use of ASL points to Thug's deaf brother; two, the ASL in question spells out "YSL," which happens to be Thug's record label.

It has already begun circulating on Instagram, and there's a chance you've already seen this one on your feed. What do ya'll think - is this a false lead, or are we looking at the official Slime Language cover? 

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