As much as Kanye West hates the paparazzi, they love him right back. The latest rumor report from The Daily Star says that 'Ye is dropping almost $2 million for bullet-proof cars, for him and his baby mama.

The gossip site reports that Kanye is investing in 'kid-nap proof' cars. The first, for himself, is a Chevrolet Kodiak based on "Limo One," which is the car President Obama rides around in.

The second car, for Kim Kardashian, is reported to be the Prombron Iron Diamond, made to "military specifications" by Latvian company Dartz Motorz Company. This vehicle is built to withstand landmines and rocket-propelled grenades (which the couple may encounter when driving around L.A?).

The Daily Star cites a source who says that Kanye has a fear of someone kidnapping his baby, although no outright threats have been made, that we know of.

While this could all very well be rumors, if it isn't, do you think they're going overboard?