The rumor mills are ablaze with talk of Diddy and J. Cole scrapping at a VMA after-party at NYC’s Dream Hotel last night. Very few details have been confirmed, but the story we've heard so far is that the two rappers exchanged some heated words before things got physical.

The two were allegedly separated by security, at which point J. Cole may have been escorted out of the building. There are a few scattered tweets that support that such an event did occur, but it's still very up in the air.

J. Cole's manager has responded to the rumors, saying that some facts have been confused, but does not flat out deny an incident, indicating that he "won't go into details about last night."

View a couple of the tweets below.


[Update: Diddy Responds]

Diddy has responded to the rumors, confirming that the two are still friends. He also alludes to the fact that some sort of altercation may have occurred, but was likely blown out of proportion.

View the tweet below.

[Update: J. Cole Responds]

Diddy took to Twitter yesterday to address the rumors circulating that he got into a fight with J. Cole at a VMA after-party. Diddy denounced the rumors, and now Cole has too, in his own way.

The rapper tweeted about the rumors, "people will believe anything."