Rumors are circulating that Chris Brown bribed his way into this year's Grammy Awards.

With the recent firing of the Grammy's producer Ken Ehrlich due to an "indiscretion and violation of the Academy’s ethics and integrity in rewarding talent," the rumors are only getting stronger.

There are allegedly e-mails going back and forth between Ehrlich and Brown, which were forwarded to Neil Portnow, who is the President of The National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences. The e-mails supposedly beg for Brown to be included in the award show and to secure a Grammy for a "substantial amount of money," although the amount wasn't disclosed.

Portnow released a statement following Ehrlich's firing saying, "With almost ten years of being President for The Academy, I would have never predicted that this would happen. My lack of blessing for Chris’ nomination was known, but as I’ve always respected by colleagues’ insights, I mustered all I could not to fight it so much. I have worked alongside Ken for years now, and I am heavily disappointed, and will have to raise the conduct around this board. will see to it that nothing of this caliber of humiliation will happen again."

Chris Brown's PR team adamantly deny this is true, saying that every detail related to the firing and the bribe is "bogus."