In Game 1 of their second-round matchup, the Golden State Warriors defeated the Houston Rockets 104-100. Rockets superstar James Harden felt as though there were multiple instances in which he was fouled but never got a call from the referee. This prompted the Rockets to conduct their own report to try and show people that the Warriors are awarded special privileges and tend to get away with a lot more. 

Utah Jazz big man Rudy Gobert knows all about the Rockets and their attempts to manipulate the officials as he played them in the first round. Gobert took to Twitter to sarcastically comment on the Rockets situation, saying the Warriors were getting away with what the Jazz were being penalized for.

TMZ Sports recently caught up with Gobert and asked about the officiating situation in the NBA. The idea of robot referees was suggested to Gobert although he quickly shot that down.

"I think it would take something away from the game if you do that," Gobert said. "Dialogue is the most important thing."

Essentially, Gobert just wants referees to be held accountable and provide consistent calls. He also just wants them to be transparent about the calls they make so that players can then adjust their games accordingly.

How do you feel about this issue?