Donovan Mitchell has been one of the biggest proponents of the infamous comic-book character Spider-Man. Mitchell has his own basketball shoe with Adidas that is modeled after Spider-Man and his very own nickname is "Spida." With all of this in mind, you can imagine Mitchell must have been happy when he found out that his beloved character would be remaining in the MCU and that Tom Holland would continue to play the role of Peter Parker. Meanwhile, Zendaya was also confirmed to be coming back to the series.

Once the news broke, Mitchell took to Twitter where he retweeted Zendaya's acknowledgment of the big win and even hit her with a barrage of emojis. While many just took it as Donovan being excited to see his favorite characters coming back, his teammate Rudy Gobert took it as a pickup attempt. This led to a pretty hilarious response from Gobert who actually beat Donovan and Team USA in the FIBA Basketball World Cup.

Mitchell never replied to his Jazz teammate, we're sure he took it all in stride. After all, if he came back with a slick response, Gobert could just remind him of what happened in their international tournament.

Meanwhile, the Jazz are looking pretty dangerous this season as Mike Conley will be in the fold. Perhaps Mitchell can channel his inner Spider-Man and give this team a big season.