Rudy Giuliani was a guest on Fox & Friends this morning, ahead of the first Presidential Debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump, where he claimed that Biden has dementia and abuses Adderall.

"The man has dementia. There's no doubt about it," said the former mayor of New York City about Joe Biden.

There has been much discussion surrounding tonight's debate and, specifically, whether Biden will be able to handle it. In the past, we've seen him struggle to read off a teleprompter and speak incoherently during interviews. Some of his videos have been heavily edited, which the GOP and its supporters have used to argue that Biden is not all there.

In addition to the startling claims about a medical condition that has been denied by Biden's team, Giuliani also suggested that Biden takes Adderall, a stimulant used to treat attention deficit disorder.

"He can get through [the debate]. I think the President is quite right to say that maybe he's taken Adderall," said Giuliani before being cut off by the hosts of the show, who were visibly uncomfortable.

Aaron P. Bernstein/Getty Images

To say that Biden takes Adderall, when just a few weeks ago, a white substance that many are claiming looks like the drug, came flying out of Trump's nose during a speech, seems purely strategic. Clearly, Giuliani has his pick for President and he's looking to drag Biden down.

The first Presidential Debate takes place tonight.