Unknown to us, Ruby Rose and Keke Palmer have a little bit of a history together. The Australian actress, who stars as Batwoman in the upcoming CW series is on a bit of a press tour and paid a visit to Strahan, Sara & Keke to discuss her role. However, much of the conversation was a joking shade fest towards Keke who apparently ditched Ruby at the GLAAD Awards. 

Ruby explained to the audience how she had accepted an award from Taylor Swift and was saddened that Keke wasn't at her table after her speical moment. 


"I had some people at my table, you're at my table, which was nice, and I gave like this big, like heartfelt, speech and I think I even like teared up and you wouldn't know because when I go back to my table she was gone," she said of the moment. "It traumatized me to my core, so I brought an empty seat with me so that no one else make me feel like that again," she added as an extra empty chair was placed in between she and Keke. 

The rest of the interview finally got Ruby to share details on her Batwoman role but not without a few joking jabs at Keke. Peep the clip below.