The Barbz don't mess around when it comes to all things Nicki Minaj. We've witnessed just how dedicated Nicki's fanbase is, especially when people have mishaps involving the acclaimed rapper. The passionate group has often taken hits from others because of their undying adoration of Nicki, and they showed just how much they support the Queen emcee once again after pointing out a recent faux pas made by Rubi Rose.

In a clip that has gone viral, Rubi films her Q&A where she's answering inquiries from the public. Someone wanted to know if she's a Barb. "Oh my god, yes!" Rubi said enthusiastically before shooting off lyrics from Nicki's track "Itty Bitty Piggy," a classic favorite off of her 2009 mixtape, Beam Me Up Scotty. Rubi Rose's enthusiasm was well-received, however, Nick's fans were quick to point out that the bars were wrong.

"I was on the plane with Dwayne / You can call me Whitley, I go to HillMane," is what the proper lyrics are, and while Rubi came close, the Barbz were swift. "If I don’t remember the lyrics to a song imma make up my own... idgaf lol," Rubi later tweeted in response. She got off much easier than Lizzo who rapped Nicki's verse of "Bottom's Up" and incurred the wrath of the Barbz. Check it out below.