It's been a minute since Eminem dropped the Trump-Ethering freestyle "The Storm," but the hip-hop community is still reeling from the fallout. Despite the fact that many people of all colors stand against Donald Trump, Em's freestyle and status as a white artist opened the door to a racial discourse. Rather than focusing on the lyrical content, some of "The Storm's" critics felt some type of way about the direction of the video, where Em stood at the forefront while his dominantly black entourage posted up in the background. Criticism of that nature have clearly drew the ire of Royce Da 5'9", who took to IG to address some of the controversy. 

"Why do y’all care who was in the background of the fucking cypher?” says Royce. “Why do y’all care that it was black people in the background of the cypher? What do n---- think, man? We was casted? You think it’s some type of imaging that got put together by like some fucking white force?  Eminem is my fucking friend, man. He’s been my friend since 1997. I support everything that he does. Just like he supports everything that I do. And I hope you n----- support your friends and your friends support you and if they don’t that’s your fucking problem.” 

"What'd you think my black ass was gon' do?" continues Royce. "Come out the background and grab the mic? 'Give me this mic whiteboy, I'm the one that's supposed to be doing this'." At the end of the day, Royce tells the haters if anyone wants to hear his views on politics, they can listen to his music. "I'm proud to call Em my friend, and if you have a problem with me supporting my friend, kiss my ass."

Sadly, we might still have a while to wait before we can really dive into Royce's thoughts on Trump, as The Book Of Ryan has yet to land a release date. Still, Royce remains one of the most talented lyricists out, and clearly, one of the most loyal.