Not only is Royce Da 5'9" one of the game's elite lyricists, but he has also established himself as an OG willing to impart his wisdom onto his peers. Following the release of his entirely self-produced album The Allegory, Royce has been steadily speaking on the importance of Black excellence, making it clear that the value of ownership should not be understated. Today, Nickle took to Instagram to share a powerful message to his followers, imploring his fellow Black men to settle their differences in a peaceful manner.

Royce Da 5'9"

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

"Black men squash all beefs," he posts, alongside a caption volunteering his diplomatic efforts. "If there’s ANYTHING I can do to help at assisting this, lemme know," he advises, carrying himself like a true OG. At this point, it's clear that Royce understands the value of unity, especially within the Black community; as he has experienced his fair share of beef throughout his career, Royce's words carry the weight of experience.

Though it's unclear whether anybody has actively reached out as of yet -- seeing as it's a private matter and all -- Royce's gesture did not go unappreciated by the people. Some even playfully challenged him to mediate between 50 Cent and Ja Rule, two longtime foes that appear destined to keep sparring until the end of time. Whether or not he takes a stab at mending that particular fence, you've gotta admire Royce's dedication to healing. Show some love to the Detroit legend in the comments below.