When it comes to assessing bars, Detroit lyricist Royce Da 5'9" is certainly an authority on the matter. Therefore, when he steps up to give a fellow emcee his flowers, it's wise to pay attention. Today, Nickle took a moment of his time to give credit to King Los, with whom he previously collaborated on the absolute lyrical clinic "Everybody's A Bitch." In addition to Los, he also singled out CyHi The Prynce and Black Thought as being two of the game's best living emcees.

It should be noted that Royce touched on several additional topics, seemingly spurred on by the arrival of B. Dot's viral Top 10 list -- though it's likely that several factors fueled his decision to speak. "We gon talk about these King Los bars y'all been getting," begins Royce. "You won't prop them on a public platform because you don't have to yet. I see you. Fate may have it a different way one day. Ya just never know."

"That kind of rap should always be celebrated," he continues. "Your list shouldn't pander to the perceived smoke. This is bigger than you looking cool. If you're a contributor, if not don't read this. Brands elevate and people go 'oh, you're up here with us now. Welcome, now I can acknowledge you.' But that time, I don't even feel the same about out rapping you n***as, I'm realizing smoking you don't mean anything. Never did."

Royce Da 5'9"

Prince Williams/Wireimage/Getty Images

"Y'all collaborate based on numbers and smoke, what's the upside?" he asks. "Makes perfect sense just don't understand why nobody gave us the memo....When y'all ready to have a REAL discussion about who the best is, shoot me a DM. A real convo tho. Not the ones where being highly skilled is weaponized and used against you and Kendrick n Cole r the only exception...I'm all street n***'d out at this point."

"Y'all dun took the goal post and moved it everywhere from ghostwriting to emasculation," he continues. "We all made millions, we all still n***s. Now, who rap better than CyHi?? Nobody on those lists bruh. Respectfully. Black Thought should be the measuring stick to cultural longevity. He does what he wants. He's not afraid to grow older. I refuse to hang out with 23 year olds and adopt their slang and ideologies."

For more from Royce, as the "rant brought to you by a higher power governing the way we engage on its planet" has much more to offer, check out Nickel's post below.