Simply put, Royce Da 5'9" career pinnacle has brought him to this point. Book of Ryan is being lauded as a "never say never" feat of accomplishment, coming off his fair share of ups and downs. Another rapper who shares that in common is his lifelong friend Eminem, their association beginning as a work in progress after being introduced by mutual friend Proof. They went on to partner as the duo "Bad Meets Evil," but plans were shelved with Eminem's meteoric rise as a solo artist at the turn of the century. Never the less, they have remained close friends. Royce took a moment yesterday to congratulate Eminem on 10 years of sobriety.

Eminem's battle with addiction has always been a strong current in his song writing. The rapper nearly died from an accidental overdose in 2007. Eminem admitted that at his worst, he was capable of "40 to 60 Valium" and "20 to 30 Vicodin" per day. Eminem eventually checked himself into a rehab facility in 2008, and started on his 12-step program. Relapse, Recovery and Revival are Eminem's account of the full ride. His song "Arose" off Revival goes into particularly graphic detail for those interested, if only as a cautionary tale. Congratulations Em, a decade is a lifetime of sobriety, for a former addict. Here's to many more.