Becoming an oldhead in this rap thing doesn't necessarily involve releasing an album every year and maintaining a steady tour schedule anymore. We've witnessed plenty of rappers maintain their foot in the culture while moving onto other platforms outside of music itself. Podcasting is a new lane that we've witnessed Joe Budden, Gillie Da King, and many more shift towards.

Though Lupe Fiasco and Royce Da 5'9" are still maintaining a steady output of music, they recently announced that they'll be joining forces for the Lupe & Royce podcast. In partnership with SayWhat Media, Lupe Fiasco, Royce Da 5'9" and their co-host, Thomas Frank, will bring their thought-provoking and sometimes controversial takes to the podcast form. A preview of the podcast went live this week where Royce joked that he'd be doing the whole podcast in the form of a rap. We don't doubt that he'd be able to do it but Lupe would definitely have to raise the stakes on that one and join in on the fun.

Season one of the podcast launches on October 8th on both Apple Music and Spotify. It'll certainly be interesting to have both Lupe Fiasco and Royce share their takes on everything from the White House to hip-hop. Keep your eyes peeled for that.