There's no telling if and when Joe Budden will ever turn his back on retirement and follow the siren song of the rap game. Perhaps the oddsmakers can paint a more detailed picture. In any case, that hasn't stopped fans of Jumpoff Joey from holding out hope, especially as he continues to tease an eventual return to the booth. Perhaps that time is coming sooner than later, as the media mogul recently took a trek down to Detroit to catch up with his former groupmate Royce Da 5'9.

Royce Joe Budden

Johnny Nunez/WireImage/Getty Images 

Royce took to Instagram to share a picture of his reunion with Budden, which took place at his own Heaven Studios. Though the nature of the meeting wasn't shared, Royce did tease that "This gon cost you extra," perhaps alluding to the recent partnership Joe Budden struck with Patreon. In that case, expect the pair to be engaging in a conversation at the very least, a prospect that should prove exciting given their shared history as collaborators.

Aside from sharing a common appreciation for spitting bars, both Royce and Joe are particularly passionate about the topic of mental health. It wouldn't be surprising to see the pair discuss their own experiences with battling mental health struggles, should their conversation ultimately lead them down that road. Of course, it's entirely possible that Budden is merely swinging by Detroit to catch up with an old friend, though between the picture and Royce's caption, it does feel like something bigger is afoot.

Check out the picture below, and should you be interested in more from Royce, remember that he'll be performing in the I Play Forever Live eConcert on March 11th, an event held in partnership with Monster Energy and Yoop. Tickets for that are available for purchase here.