Roy Woods is coming off the success of his debut album in November called Say Less, and already he’s working on more heat. On Tuesday night, the OVO affiliate decided to hop on Instagram and preview some upcoming new music from the studio.

“New music coming soon,” the caption read while Roy smokes a blunt and jams out to the upcoming song. No word when the record will be dropping or where it’ll end up, but it sounds pretty fire.

Sticking with his melodic singing raps, Roy can be heard addressing relationship issues, while crooning… “I figured that you just moved on with out me/ Im popping bottles hoping she come & party/ I aint go no body to go to for my problems/ Please a magician need to work some magic,” he sings. “You keep playing with my heart until you dropped it.”

Later in the clip Roy can be heard singing repetitively in the chorus about “for less,” which could be the title to the song, but that’s just speculation at this time. Anyways, new music from Roy Woods is coming soon, and we’re all for it.

While we wait for its arrival, check out the preview of Roy’s new vibes (below) and let us know what you think. Sounding fire or nah?