Rowdy Rebel says he and Bobby Shmurda are a lock for Summer Jam 2021 in a new interview with Hot 97’s TT Torrez. Earlier this week, Rebel announced that Shmurda would be released from prison on February 23rd. "SIX DAYS [LEFT]. Then all the joy gone wash away the pain,I promise you brother," he wrote on Instagram.

When asked about Summer Jam, Rebel was enthusiastic: “We definitely gon’ show up to Summer Jam. I normally wouldn’t speak on my brother’s behalf, but I know my brother ain’t gonna miss Summer Jam … Some things are just mandatory, and Summer Jam is mandatory.”

Shmurda's credit for good behavior was recently restored and now he will serve the remainder of his sentence, through Dec. 2021, on parole.

When both rappers were arrested back in 2016, Shmurda agreed to serve more time in order to lower Rebel's sentence.

“We have the same relationship that every family has … We argue … but the love overpowers everything, right?” Rowdy said. “We’ve been through some things … and we’ve survived those things, so we appreciate it for each other—we're thankful for each other.”

Rebel was released from prison back in December 2020 and has been living it up since.