Ronny J Flexes His Wristband On "WOTR"

Ronny J -  WOTR

  August 19, 2018 14:19
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Ronny J is back with another solo effort.

The popular Florida producer has begun his double take as a rapper, on the edge of acceptability. With that being said, Ronny J's control over a Midi Pad is rivalled by few in the Gulf States. On "WOTR" repeats his mantra of "wrist out the roof/coupe" 'til it gets of him. The producer has kept himself relatively busy since starting his own record label in March. The imprint is a partnership with Def Jam, with whom he's built a relationship after becoming the go-to producer for many artists under their wing. Ronny J has yet to announce the first beneficiary of his tutelage, but rest assured it will be someone equally spastic as himself.

On "WOTR" Ronny relieves himself of some of his duties by partnering with co-producer/rapper Papi Yerr, himself a Miami-native. The two have worked together in the past, with Papi Yerr landing himself writing credits on Ronny J's  OMGRONNY. As for maximal exposure, Papi could be the first artist to sign a contract, but that depends solely on Def Jam's creative input on the matter.

Quotable Lyrics:

Water all over my neck
Bitches all over my texts
Put a bitch in the McLaren
Hope out the whip and they starrin'
I got a choppa' that's active
Push up a button and they snap it
I had a bitch like a backwoods
I had a bitch in the back woods
She come out for that tonight
I put my wrist in the sky

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