Tonight, former bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey will enter the Octagon to take on current champ Amanda Nunes for the premiere showdown of UFC 207. The headlining battle will be Rousey's first fight since she was shockingly knocked out by Holly Holm last November. Both Rousey and Nunes clocked in at exactly 135 pounds yesterday at the official weigh-in.

Rousey walked offstage immediately after her weight was recorded, instead of staying on the scale to pose for photographers, as is the norm. She has been largely out of the spotlight since her crushing loss to Holm, and she has continued to avoid the media leading up to UFC 207, not showing up at all for Wednesday's Ultimate Media Day. UFC President Dana White has said Rousey's behavior will be tolerated due to the immense publicity she has given the sport in the past. 

Though Rousey has not allowed the media to get ahold of her, she has been active on Instagram, posting pictures of her incredible chiseled physique and making use of the hashtag "Fear The Return." She feels like she's in the peak physical condition of her career, as evidenced by the post that shows a picture of her that was taken in February 2015 next to a new one taken earlier this week. She looks more deadly in the recent pic. 

Rousey did take part in the traditional staredown that follows the unofficial afternoon weigh-in. She raised her fists and looked Nunes dead in the eye while wearing blue jeans. This was right after Nunes had stood on the scale donning a terrifying lion mask. Do you think Rousey will dethrone the Lioness? Tune in later tonight.