WWE Raw Women's Champion Ronda Rousey and SmackDown Live's Becky Lynch have once again taken to twitter to drum up some hype for their imminent title match at Wrestlemania.

Sure, Lynch was recently "suspended" and replaced by Charlotte Flair in the Wrestlemania storyline, but that's all part of WWE's bigger plan. Rousey and Lynch's recent twitter spat is also part of WWE's strategy to build hype, though @Wrestlevotes reports the company "certainly aren’t thrilled w/ some of the wording used."

The social media jabs started after Lynch posted a photo of her "mugshot," taken after she was "arrested" for invading Monday Night Raw to interrupt a tag team match in which Rousey was involved. 

On Wednesday, Ronda responded to Lynch's tweet by calling the pictures "fake prison photos in a hallway."

Lynch responded with a photoshop of Rousey as actor Tommy Wiseau, referencing the former UFC star's awkward delivery in promos. She added, "Keep that F word out of your mouth and concentrate on getting better at this business instead of trying to remain above it."

That's when things got turned up a notch, including Rousey's threat: "I don't care what the script says, I'm beating the living shit out of you the next time I see you."

Check out the back-and-forth in the tweets embedded below.