Depending on who you ask, Angela Simmons is a romantic commodity whose lines trace back to Romeo Miller, at least for the foreseeable future. But that's not how everyone sees it in the backwaters of Shade Room-like gossip.

With that said, this wouldn't be the first time Run's daughter became the center of a senseless bidding war, she had no hand in creating. Let's set the scene: Bow Wow is purporting an open flirtation with Simmons, by asking one of his onlookers to link her to the chat. He closes the session by saying, "Let her know I'm looking for her." Make no mistake about it, this is what romance looks like in the 21st Century.

Well, The Shade Room, dare I say, posted a video transcript of the booty call, in which an identifiable person of interest chimes in with his thoughts, that being Angela Simmons' rumored boyfriend Romeo Miller, aka Lil Romeo of the No Limit Empire no less.

At the mere suggestion that Angela Simmons was "spoken for" by Mr. Romeo Miller, the man himself showed clearing the air, replying to the comment by insisting that his "girl would never be on FaceTime with Shad." Let's just leave it at that, Government names be fighting words, as the Shade Room was sure to point out. Should this become a love triangle one day, we'll know where it all started: the annals of Instagram Live. Once upon a time, rap fans wanted to pit the two child stars against other, the sediments evidently still present.