He's made it clear that he's trying to lock things down with somebody's daughter, and Romeo Miller has returned to manifest his dreams into reality. We've watched as his friendship with Angela Simmons has fizzled, as did chances that the two may one day become hip hop's royal couple. There have been rumors that Romeo Miller has a secret girlfriend, but until he speaks on the gossip for himself, there's no way of knowing for sure.

Romeo Miller, Father, Girlfriend
Cooper Neill / Stringer / Getty Images

Romeo's cousin captured a moment on video—a clip that rapper shared to his Instagram page—where she wishes him a Happy Father's day, even though the 30-year-old is yet to be a dad. "Best believe Imma be a father next year," Romeo Miller said confidently before repeating himself. "Best believe Imma be a father next year!" Before the video cuts out, Romeo laughs at his own assertation, but it's clear that he means business.

Then, he doubled things down in the caption to the clip. "Yall better stop playing, manifestation is real baby! Future wifey better like this thing so I know it’s real 👀😈💍🤰🏾haha." Women wasted no time in asking the mogul where they can sign up. Check out his clip below.