Former friends Romeo Miller and Angela Simmons are airing out the breakdown of their relationship on national television. At one point in time, the Growing Up Hip Hop stars seemed as if they were walking down the road of romance, however, now they aren't even on speaking terms. Romeo shared on The Real that he and Angela have grown apart and told the hosts, "Me, God, and that woman knows what's up."

The rap mogul claimed that he didn't want to detail what exactly went down between himself and Angela out of respect for her, but after their fight aired on the latest episode of Growing Up Hip HopRomeo took to Instagram to clear up a few rumors. In the scene, Romeo was hosting a going away party for himself before he left to film MTV's Ex on the Beach in New Zealand. Angela confronted Romeo about the rumors she'd heard of the things he said about her, and while he tried to keep a cool head, Angela made a scene.

"I’m not one to entertain gossip but it sucks when people play with my faith," Romeo wrote on Instagram. "So I’ma leave this here one time. Faith isn’t about being perfect (or judgment) but more so about showing/spreading your light in hopes to help others. Without saying too much, Yes I get things were edited a certain way, but simply read between the lines. Shoutout to the fan who posted this clip, because I’ve been nothing but respectful and although we do have our differences, I will never unfriend someone over what they post on social media 😂."

He explained that contrary to what's been seen on television, he and Angela "haven't been close in years" so he didn't want to pretend like they were good friends for a show. Check out his statement, as well as clips from Growing Up Hip Hop, below.