Skepta was recently the focus of a spot for Rolls Royce, but its run didn't last very long after the company received backlash for failing to have the Grime rapper strap himself in with a seatbelt. 

In the clip, Skepta's celebrity is used to highlight the sound insulation capabilities of the vehicle as he rides in the backseat, crafting a song. "I stepped in the car and there was no need to think," Skepta expresses. "It was like sitting in first class on a plane minus the noise. Comfortable and silent, a perfect space to make music.” 

The only issue with this set up was that throughout the entire video, in which Skepta is chauffeured through the Swiss Alps, he's never once buckled up, and when it quickly caught the eye of critics, the outcry was enough for Rolls Royce to pull the original video off the web entirely. 

Check it out here:

Among those speaking out against the faux pas was president of the Automobile Association in the United Kingdom, Edmund King, who made use of Skepta's own lyrics to highlight the issue. "Remember 'it ain't safe' ever to travel in any car, no matter how safe, without belting up," King stated. 

Skepta's only response to the situation was his posting of a photo of a buckled seatbelt on Twitter.