The "PURR" saga continues as Rolling Ray, the man who accused Coi Leray of stealing "his" phrase "purr-prrr" in order to make the hit smash "BIG PURR (Prrdd)," has made yet another effort to keep the practically one-sided beef alive. After Rolling Ray releasing "BigPurrrr" (his unofficial remix of Coi Leray's "PURR"-ridden single), the "No More Parties" artist swiftly threatened the social media figure with legal action.

However, it's clear that Rolling Ray isn't backing down from his position any time soon, as he most recently went on a rant on Instagram to belittle Coi's success and flex the fact that his "BigPurrrr" is performing well without a major label push. Now, in an effort to get Coi Leray to engage with his antics once again, Rolling Ray has apparently hit one of Benzino's recent Instagram lives to store up more drama.

In the video shown above, Rolling Ray recently crept into one of Benzino's Instagram lives, and after engaging with an unheard question or poll, he actually gets a quick shout out from the veteran producer, who is probably unaware of the strange beef that the social media star has with his daughter.

After getting called out by Benzino, Rolling Ray then trolls Coi Leray by promoting his "BigPurrr" single and sending her father a DM. 

Do you think this is a W or an L for Rolling Ray?