A lot of rappers like to smoke weed, as do a lot of their fans, that's a given. Marijuana has become a much more accepted part of, not only hip hop culture, but our society as a whole. As smoking weed becomes more widely accepted, we can feel more comfortable doing it, almost as comfortable as rappers seem with it. That got us thinking. What would it be like to smoke with some of our favorite weed rappers? Would it be chill? What would we eat once the munchies set in? What would we watch on TV? How would we smoke with them? 

We've decided to use our imaginations and compile these dream scenarios into one massive smoke sesh, as a public service to the people. While there are probably more pressing issues to address in society, we got high and forgot those, so why not think about what we'd watch on Netflix with Snoop Dogg? 

Just in case you're already way too stoned to remember how to use the site, you'll want to click on the arrows to the left and right of that big picture above. Good luck on your journey.