Over the last couple of months, Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill has been investigated by authorities over alleged child abuse allegations, including an incident in which Hill reportedly broke his son's arm. The details of these alleged crimes have been quite disturbing and while Hill was in the clear back in April, the case was reopened due to a recording that surfaced of Hill allegedly berating his fiancé.

During a press conference at the NFL Spring meeting in Florida, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell spoke to the media about Hill's situation, saying the league is sensitive to issue at hand and doesn't want to get in the way.

"As you know, there's a court proceeding still going on involving CPS [Child Protective Services] and we will not interfere with that," Goodell said via TMZ. "The priority is this young child. So we will obviously be cooperative of whatever the court wants there."

Moving forward, Goodell explained that the NFL is willing to talk to Hill about what happened which would allow them to make a decision on what kind of punishment would be in order.

"We are prepared to go ahead and have an interview [Hill] whenever we have the permission to do so. And then we'll make a determination based on what information we have at that point in time," Goodell explained. "And so, again, I won't speculate on where we'll go but we'll certainly get all the information we can as soon as possible."

Stay tuned for updates regarding Hill and his child abuse case.