Ever since the NFC Championship Game, New Orleans Saints fans have been claiming that they were absolutely robbed of a trip to the Super Bowl. With just a few minutes left in the game, the Los Angeles Rams committed a pretty obvious pass interference infraction right in front of the referee, although a penalty was never actually called. The "no-call" stirred up a ton of controversy and weeks after the fact, Saints fans were still complaining about what had gone down. According to the Associated Pressthe "no-call" has been taken one step further as a Louisiana judge is forcing NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, as well as three officials to answer questions under oath.

A lawsuit was filed by Attorney Antonio LeMon and is currently seeking the truth from the league. He desperately wants Goodell and the officials to provide answers as to what happened. He also hopes the NFL will fork over $75,000 which will be donated to a charity. It's an unprecedented move that truly seems bizarre in the grand scope of sports. Accidents happen so it's certainly surprising to see such a reaction, a full six months since the game took place.

Goodell and the refs may be let off the hook though as the NFL will be able to appeal the judge's decision. Stay tuned for updates on how this all plays out.