Roddy Ricch's "The Box" Music Video Has Finally Arrived

Noah C
February 28, 2020 18:42

Roddy Ricch is the hero everyone's cheering for in his self-directed music video for "The Box".

It's amazing that Roddy Ricch's meteoric hit, "The Box", has spent seven weeks atop the Hot 100 without having an official music video. This phenomenon either points to the obsolescence of the music video art form or the inherent charm of Roddy's song. Usually when recording artists and their labels notice that a song is picking up steam, they rush to put out an accompanying visual. Roddy Ricch and Atlantic did not stress about this process. They took their time to ensure that "The Box" got the music video it deserves - one that was just as explosive and mesmerizing as its soundtrack. Now that the video has been shared with the world, we can confirm that this mission was a success. 

In the video that Roddy directed himself alongside Christian Breslauer, the Compton rapper is placed in several cinematic scenarios. He's too fast and too furious when speed racing at the beginning. Then he's a basketball MVP, sinking a monstrous dunk and leading his team to victory. Soon he's rapidly shuffling between roles as bank robber, building-scaler and President of the United States of America. The message is clear: Roddy Ricch is the hero we all want to root for. However, the video ends with him on display in a literal glass box. With the whirlwind of success coming his way, he must be starting to feel its associated pressures. 

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