"The Box" took over the globe, propelling Roddy Ricch to become hip-hop's latest star. The success of the single, as well as his debut album, Please Excuse Me For Being Antisocial, made him Compton's next-up, and he's been carrying the torch with pride. However, the release of "Heartless" that he debuted at the Grammys offered a promising glimpse into his sophomore release.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

During a recent interview with Complex, the rapper went into detail about the direction he's heading next that he describes as "more vulnerable" than his previous work. "I’m going to bring fans into my world more," he said of the project. "I’m learning the balance. Like, OK, I’m not on Instagram, so I feel like I’ve got to bring them into my life more so they can feel me a little more.”

He added that he's striving to bring it "back to the basics.” "There are all the old fans I had when I first started rapping, and these new fans that I got since the big album and Grammys and everything. So I want to bridge the gap between my old fans and my new fans. That’s what I’m on a mission to do with this next situation that I’m working on," he said.

He didn't confirm whether the next project is a continuation of the Feed The Streets series, even though he and his team have been teasing the third installment as his next release. "I feel like when the streets is hungry, you just feed them," he said about details on his next project.

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