Roddy Ricch has a gift. He's easily one of the most melodically-superior rappers to have emerged in the last few years, proving that he has the ear and the voice to deliver endless hits. Time will tell where Roddy's career takes him but of all the 2019 XXL Freshman Class members, he's being scouted extremely favourably. Industry insiders seem to believe that the Compton spitter has what it takes to be the next big thing in the rap game and so far, he's done everything in his power to prove them right. The journey continues through his stand-out appearance as part of the XXL Freshman Freestyles.

Creating a beat out of snaps and the clanging of his jewelry, Roddy Ricch may have just delivered the most enjoyable freestyle of his class. In fact, we want him to get in the booth right now, find a suitable beat and record this. He's not spitting anything that profound but his recollection of the times he used to trap out of his grandmother's house give us an eye into Roddy's past. What brought him to this point? How did he become the talented up-and-comer that he is? Learn more in his freestyle.

During his Freshman interview, Roddy spoke about what it was like to work with Nipsey Hussle, his love for Future and his background in Christian rap. Pay attention to Roddy Ricch. He's doing big things.