It's been a massive year for Roddy Ricch. Please Excuse Me For Being Antisocial, his major-label debut album, has been going crazy, especially off of the strength of "The Box" -- the longest-running #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 this year. On top of that, he won his first Grammy and recently revealed that his sophomore album is complete, though no release date has been set.

While Roddy Ricch is inarguably the hottest newcomer this year, it only made sense that he graced the stage at the VMAs. And while he was confirmed to be part of the artist line-up for the 2020 award show, it turns out that he's decided against it. According to Variety, the Video Music Awards have confirmed that both Roddy Ricch and J. Balvin have pulled out of the performer line-up. They didn't necessarily specify why but it seems incredibly likely that it has to do with growing concerns surrounding the coronavirus.

"Unfortunately, J Balvin and Roddy Ricch are no longer performing,” a source close to the show said. “As with every awards show, there are always last-minute talent changes. That said, this year has more logistical hurdles than most and the health and safety of our employees and partners is of the utmost importance.”

The VMAs were forced to reroute their plans due to the coronavirus. Instead of hosting the event at the Barclay's Center, MTV will host the VMAs at iconic locations across New York City -- a city that's been devastated by the coronavirus. It was recently reported that performers and celebrities attending the award show will be able to bypass the 14-day quarantine rule imposed on travelers coming into the city.