Fresh off a major first week for his Please Excuse Me For Being Antisocial album, Compton's own Roddy Ricch hit up the Breakfast Club for an informative conversation. Though many topics are raised, from Juice WRLD's passing to Nipsey Hussle's influence, one of the most interesting moments arrives early on, when the elusive Kendrick Lamar is brought up

After Envy rattles off a few of Compton's key players, Ricch reveals that the only one to really connect with him was Kendrick Lamar. "Kendrick was a real big inspiration for me," reveals Ricch. "I seen him when I was younger. I rapped for him when I was twelve years old, when "Rigamortis" was out. Maybe I wasn't twelve, maybe fourteen, some shit like that. I had rapped for him back then. He was like, 'you good!' At the time, you know how it is when you run into n**as. We had a cool conversation, but just cause we had a cool conversation don't mean I'ma believe I could be that. N***a you probably put in a million hours."

"But as I got older, and I just been going through this shit and making it," continues Roddy. "After reuniting and seeing him again, it was love...I really asked him about shit with family. How do deal with certain shit with your family. Being a young n***a coming in as far as different money. Where can I put my money that would be good for me. I know he not going to steer me wrong. He's not going to come into the light and really say nothing that's not true or misguide me. He don't come out for a lot of people." 

Check out the Kendrick reflections below, kicking off early on in the interview. Have you been listening to Please Excuse Me For Being Antisocial?