Roddy Ricch Delivers "Down Below" Before Taking To The Road

Devin Ch
March 02, 2019 16:40

Roddy Ricch offers us a glimpse of the fetti he left on the pavement.

There's no stopping Roddy Ricch's forward commanding onslaught. It's as if Roddy has enjoyed an unrelenting streak ever since "Project Dreams" hit the press, giving us a reasonable benchmark from which to base all subsequent listens. The "Down Below" music video arrives on the heels of a busy two-week period in which Roddy blessed Nipsey Hussle with his presence in the "Racks in the Middle" video filmed on location at a landing strip.

Not too long after that, Roddy Ricch gave us a "How Is Is" with Chip and Yxng Bane contributing UK-tinged verses, and their presence in the video, regrettable not shot on location, due to budgetary constraints. Little did we know, another Ricch music video was hours away from being uploaded, this one dating back to a November studio session with Scott Storch, whose production peaks, stagnates, and peaks once more, like rotund banana skin brought back to life.

In the "Down Below" video, Roddy Ricch out-pivots a shaky camera to offer us both a day and night facade. Roddy Ricch keeps a straight face as he 2-steps along the Compton streets, littered in nicely pleated US currency. Enjoy this video, because it could be his last for a while, as he is set to embark on the Dying To Live tour, as an opener for Kodak Black.

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