Many Atlanta rap fans were dismayed last week upon finding out that Rocko had brought forth a lawsuit against Future for over $10 million dollars. Even more disappointing was that a war of words between the two former collaborators soon ensued on social media. 

Rocko signed Future to his A1 Recordings imprint, a subsidiary of Epic Records, in 2011. Upon signing to A1, Future also inked a deal with Epic, though Rocko is now asserting that the arrangement with Epic was supposed to be limited to distribution. He claims that Future, presumably without his permission, cut a deal on the side that would eventually bring him some massive checks that would evade Rocko's pockets. 

Future responded to the news of Rocko's lawsuit by mocking him on Twitter, comparing him to a snitch and even a baby mama. Rocko clapped back at Future's not-so-subliminals by saying that he has never appeared in front of a judge and, instead, simply allowed lawyers to take a look at the situation. He then tweeted that "just let the lawyers handle it" was an adage given to him an "old homie," likely the one he's now beefing with. 

After a few days without an exchange, Rocko posted a video clip taken from an old Future interview from mid-2011, after Future had just gotten a major look by guesting on and assisting in the writing of YC's breakout hit "Racks."

Speaking to DJ Smallz, Future talks about his longtime friendship with Rocko and how he was there when A1 Records was Rocky Road Records. He says he was with Rocko when he brought A1 to L.A. Reid at Epic Records. Reid had also signed Rocko to Def Jam in 2006, but he relocated to Epic, where he currently serves as CEO, soon after Rocko left Def Jam.  

"Yeah, me and Rock been workin' forever, like it's been years and years," says Future to begin the clip on Rocko's IG. "And then, even when he did 'Umma Do Me,' the whole time before he did 'Umma Do Me,' I was always right there with him in the studio. When he did his deal with L.A., I was right there with him going to the office, going to the labels." The clip ends with Future saying, "I was always there the whole time. It was just I know how to play my position." 

In the caption of his post, Rocko suggests that he and Future were like brothers and that he always took him along as he was met with new opportunities in the game. "ME AND MY N*GGA WERE TOGETHER EVERY DAY!" he wrote. "THAT WAS MY MUTHAFUCKIN BROTHER! ANYTHING I DID I ALWAYS MADE SURE HE WAS THERE TO BE A PART OF IT."