Rocko has been dealing with a lawsuit regarding a property he purchased but a judge has now ordered him to cough up $10K to his neighbor. According to Bossip, a judge in Georgia handed down a default judgment to Rocko for $10K after he failed to respond to his neighbor Minnie Lindsay's suit. 

Scott Gries/Getty Images

Rocko copped a house and began doing renovations on the property but eventually, he ended up bailing on the job, according to Lindsay's. The botched renovations resulted in $15K worth of damages to Minnie's place and she ended up filing a lawsuit against Rocky in May 2019. She explained that the rapper bought the neighboring house in 2017 and began with the renovations before abandoning the entire project a month later.

Minnie claimed that her brick retaining wall was taken down without her discretion. Since then, the fence that was supported by the brick wall has caved in, she said in court papers. Lindsey's lawyer claims Rocko hired a contractor to fix the wall but later scrapped rebuilding it. She suggested there's a possibility that he ran out of money. The site is now entirely abandoned, Minnie's attorney said.

The rapper is now owing $6,741 for the damage, $2,500 in attorney fees and $391 in court costs. Minnie's attorney said that she had to track the rapper down in Birmingham during a club appearance to serve him papers.